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Studio Share

Studio Share

With this timeshare, you can book my home studio in 2h increments or start an unlimited access subscription to throw, trim, or decorate your own pottery. This does not include any instruction, but does include clay, firing, and consumables such as underglaze and glaze.

You must have experience working in a shared ceramics studio space and attend a 30m orientation.

What is included:

  • 4lb/hour of clay (carries over if you do not use it all); your choice of Standard Clay Company's White Stoneware 563, Warm Buff 553, or VP Porcelain 551, or my recycled mix of these. You may purchase additional clay at a rate of $1.50/lb in 4lb increments.
  • Use of all my glazes (See Glaze Options)
  • Use of my other consumables such as underglazes
  • Bisque and glaze firing for all pieces you produce
  • Shared throwing and decorating tools
  • You may bring your own underglazes and glazes
  • For monthly subscribers: Dedicated shelf storage anything you would like
  • For non-monthly subscribers: Shared shelf storage for your personal greenware and bisqueware

What is not included:

  • Instruction, lessons
  • Unscheduled studio access
  • You may not bring your own clay
  • For non-monthly subscribers: No storage for personal consumables or tools
Product type

All ceramics are hand-thrown, painted, and glazed near Boston, MA using porcelain or stoneware clay.

Product dimensions: Width & height are measured at the widest/tallest points and rounded to the nearest quarter-inch. For sets, the weight is inclusive of the entire set and the width/height are of the largest piece in the set.

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