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Kiln Share

Kiln Share

I bisque fire to cone 04 and glaze fire to cone 6. You must have enough work to fill at least one shelf (17in x 17in), and turnaround time is 2-3 weeks.


  • Bisque 1 shelf (17in x 17in): $30
  • Glaze 1 shelf (17in x 17in): $35
  • Bisque Full Kiln: $90
  • Glaze Full Kiln: $100

You may fire any clay or glaze as long as it is rated for cone 04 bisque and cone 6 glaze firing. Any damage to the kiln shelves will incur a $10 shelf scraping fee per shelf. If your pieces are likely to drip, you're required to provide your own cookies to fire on.

I am not responsible for any work that is deemed unusable/non-sellable from the result of over firing, kiln error, or accidental damage. In the case of a misfire/underfire of the kiln, I will re-fire the work at no additional cost.

Payment will be coordinated after scheduling a dropoff.

Product type

All ceramics are hand-thrown, painted, and glazed near Boston, MA using porcelain or stoneware clay.

Product dimensions: Width & height are measured at the widest/tallest points and rounded to the nearest quarter-inch. For sets, the weight is inclusive of the entire set and the width/height are of the largest piece in the set.

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