Wil Hall

Software & Network Engineer


I’m a highly motivated software developer who values collaboration, open communication, and highly expressive and pragmatic code. I believe that there is no substitute for a team of people who love what they do and express that enthusiasm through the projects they build. I excel at working in new languages and environments.



Accessibility Web Development Consultant

Freelance Somerville, MA
Working as an independent software consultant part-time at multiple companies with a focus on accessible web development.

Senior Software Developer

thoughtbot Boston, MA
Collaborating with clients small and large via thoughtbot to build great software using TDD in Ruby on Rails, Elixir/Phoenix, and TypeScript/React. Specializing in building performant, accessible web experiences

Software Developer

Modo Labs Cambridge, MA
Worked on an agile team of developers building a platform (Ruby on Rails, PHP, JavaScript, PostgreSQL, MongoDB) that allows organizations to design custom and unified mobile experiences for their employees and students

Web Application Developer

Johnson & Wales University Providence, RI
Developed and maintained various university web applications using C# with .NET, Ektron, JavaScript, and SASS as well as advocating for and implementing code review processes to improve quality


Internal Drive Tech Camps New Haven, CT

Software Engineering Tutor

Johnson & Wales University Providence, RI



Software & Network Engineering

Johnson & Wales University Providence, RI
A.S. Computer Programming
Degree May 2012
B.S. Software Engineering
Degree May 2014
B.S. Network Engineering
Degree May 2014
GPA 3.62
Dean's List 2010 - 2013
Distinguished Visiting Professor Scholarship
Awarded 2012 by department chair
Software Engineering Depertment Award
Awarded 2012 for achivements in Software Engineering
Albert J. Mikula Memorial Award
Awarded 2013 for outstanding leadership and service to the university