I'm Wil, and this is my /purpose.

I manifest love and compassion in everything I do.
I practice continuous improvement, seeking Quality [1] as a means rather than an end.
I explore fulfilling ways to work and play, and try to share them with as many people as possible.

I strive to be present, and to act consciously and deliberately.
I live playfully and whimsically.
I prefer fluidity over rigidity.
I live well under my means, and keep only what I need.
I expect nothing in return.

I speak as I, step up, and step back.
I prefer transparency of information whenever possible.
Primum non nocere.[2]
I work to clearly separate opinion from fact, and beware believing things because I want them to be true, or because I fear they might be true.

I believe that life is the future, not the past.
I am not chained to the ones I love; I deliberately choose to show up, and when I show up I am all-in.
Love is about breathing life into each other. [3]
Above all else, I strive to be a safe haven.

I live primarily to create, rather than to consume.
I work at a sustainable pace, but maintain a sense of urgency.
I prefer to work and learn in the open.
I design and create with ethics and accessibility in mind.

I believe that in sound reasoning, contradictions cannot exist.
I believe explicit is better than implicit; simple is better than complex; complex is better than complicated; now is better than never; although never is often better than right now.
In the face of ambiguity, I refuse the temptation to guess. [4]

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