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Drippy Blue-Green Succulent Dish

Drippy Blue-Green Succulent Dish

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A Ghost Plant (species of Leatherpetal Stonecrop) potted in a succulent dish decorated with a green glaze and a blue drippy glaze. Includes a miniature succulent care guide specific to this plant.

Heartiness: Medium
Light: Full sun, ~6 hours
Water: Spray x10 every 3 days
Temperature: 59 - 100 °F
Fertilize: 1/year, Spring, succulent plant food
Repot: ~2 years, Spring, succulent soil
USDA Zone: 7-12
Symbolism: Good fortune

Product type
Succulent Pot
~3.5 in wide, ~1.5 in tall
0.36 lb

All ceramics are hand-thrown, painted, and glazed near Boston, MA using porcelain or stoneware clay.

Product dimensions: Width & height are measured at the widest/tallest points and rounded to the nearest quarter-inch. For sets, the weight is inclusive of the entire set and the width/height are of the largest piece in the set.

Food-safe products: Products marked as "Food-safe" are coated in a food-safe glaze and are safe for use in the kitchen, as tableware, or in the microwave. If a product chips or cracks during use, it may become difficult to clean making it no longer food-safe.

Dishwasher-safe products: Products marked as "Dishwasher-safe" can be cleaned in a dishwasher, though it is always safest to hand-wash ceramics to avoid accidental damage in the dishwasher.

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